Equinome is the world leader in the provision of genetic testing products and services to the Thoroughbred industry. I was hired as the sole Marketing professional in the company in March 2015. Following the brand’s acquisition by Plusvital in late-2015, I managed the company’s rebranding process.

I produced a variety of assets for Plusvital and Equinome, including ads, display graphics, a show jump, signage and leaflets. I worked with leading industry professionals to produce a new website, the annual brochure and a new visual identity for the brand.

As the sole marketing professional in the company, I created a comprehensive marketing strategy each year, taking into account seasonality of genetic testing purchasing, global markets and events. I used Google Analytics to analyze web traffic and Google AdWords to increase traffic to the website. I created all communications assets, including press releases, social media posts, brochure content and mailshots.